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Now is the time to buy investment property in Spokane.

In these times if uncertain financial futures there is no better investment than Spokane area real estate, which increased 10-12% in 2018 and in on track to do the same in 2019. Spokane county rents increased 10.3% in 2018.

spokane county real estate price investment property

There is a shortage of available rental units in the Spokane area and the time is right to invest in rental real estate. Even in an economic downturn an investment property remains a good investment compared to the alternatives. Consider this article written by Forbes magazine on the Spokane investment property market.

Buying and managing rental properties brings unique challenges that I have tools and experience to help you navigate as a new investor or seasoned pro.

I practice as I preach as I continue to invest my resources into Spokane area investment properties.

About Me

I have over 23 years experience as an investment property owner and am eager to teach others how to invest in real estate in the Spokane area. I have general knowledge in building standards, electrical and plumbing codes, rental property management, applicable rental laws, and basic tax implications. I am married with three children and live in Liberty Lake, I enjoy skiing, renovating properties and restoring cars.

My qualifications:

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in Washington
  • M.B.A. with an emphasis on real estate investment
  • Long term rental property owner
  • Owner of multiple rental units in the Spokane area
  • Experienced house builder
  • Experienced with the foreclosure purchase proces

I have the tools and experience to help you choose the right property and help the first time buyer or seasoned pro.

My job starts with you and your investment goals, please give me a call or send an email.

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